What clients say about nXstep®

appreciation is the oxygen of human relationships


"In several privat family-coachings Christian has given us new and comforting solution approaches. Calm and structured he helped us to come up with our own ideas and see very different aspects. We liked the HEB®-thinking model very much. The solution focused approach is easy to grasp, new insights are quickly reached and are practical. With Questions about the succession planning for our family owned mechanical engineering company he showed foresight and sovereignty in overlooking the Situation. In several meetings he gave us very constructive advice. We are very thankful for Christian A. Herbst and his sympathetic but objective support. We will gladly come back."

Astrid und Thomas Herrmann, Unternehmer

Karlsruhe, Germany



"Inspiring workshop with many practical and helpful exercises. Absolutely recommendable. Christians talent to moderate and to bring across even very complicated coherences in a descriptive and enthusiastic way is just phenomenal."

Dr. Dirk Laval, Betriebsarzt/Occupational Health Physician
Ias Aktiengesellschaft
Hamburg, Germany




"Christian Herbst is an excellent orchestrator of constructive group interactions. He is skilled in distilling complex problems into clear and actionable conclusions.   His training is always thoughtful and never trite, blending the big picture with what trainees need to do tomorrow to transform the vision into reality."

Bradley King, Chief Architect, Scality,

Paris, France





"I have known Christian for more than 15 years. In countless events I have seen him moderating, coaching and speaking. It is definitely his great gift and passion to work with people. He is a careful listener and helps people to discover their own potential. I have personally taken some coaching sessions with him because I was discontent with my style of speaking. I always left the sessions inspired because, through the coaching I discovered many new insights about myself. Through the right questions and instruments of visualisation  I spotted some of my motivations and the trigger for certain behavioral patterns. I can only recommend to make use of Christian´s expertise.                                                                

Dr. Oliver Geis 

Zürich, Switzerland




"Christians strength is the strong connection to his audience. He meets people on an equal footing, adapts his choice of products very carefully to the actual needs, if necessary very spontaneously. Complex issues are conveyed with an intriguing lightness and a clear focus on the implementation. " 

Matthias Düppengießer, epic presentations

Berlin, Germany





"I always enjoy Christian´s way to put complex issues in clear thoughts. With an admirable sensitivity he brings across what matters"                                                                      

Andreas Weber

Berlin, Germany




"Christian Herbst has excellent communications skills; he is a charismatic speaker to various size audiences and a persuasive communicator. He has a great sense of stewardship and is a leader of high integrity and loyalty. In mulit-national and multi-cultural settings Christian A. Herbst  has demonstrated his leadership and interpersonal skills in very complex environments."                                                                        

Valdur Koha, IMS President and Chairman of the Board

Lexington, MA